Colour Me Darkness

by Voida

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Igor (Stoned Jesus) - vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass and drums on tracks 2, 5 and 6
Alexey (Vespero) - mellotron and hammond organ
bnk (Selma) - sax solo on track 6

Note: tracks 4 & 5 make up "The Disintegration Dilogy"


released October 30, 2011



all rights reserved


Voida Киев, Ukraine

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Track Name: Colour Me Darkness
Colour me Colour Me Darkness
Take some paint right off my heart
Colour me colour me darkness
And pretend we never stopped
Morning comes, I see the light
Never thought I'd make it through this night

Running 'round, looking for shelter
Asking where did we go wrong
Nothing here and nothing everywhere
Nothing that would hold us for long
Street light colours your face green
Never thought I'd see what I have seen

Cover me cover me darkness
Find some peace to calm us down
Cover me cover me darkness
Hope you'll always be around
Track Name: Erased
Here we are
Gone too far
Won't be turning back
Time has come
All is done
This is how it ends
Don't tell me anything
Don't try to relief the pain
Don't say that you'd like us to stay friends
No we won't
Don't even try
Let me fade away
Let me be erased

All these words
All our games
All we used to share
Should be destroyed
Just like we don't care
This is how it ends
Never to return
Don't leave a single bridge unburnt
It hurts so much
It always does
Just let me go away
Let me be erased
Track Name: No Sancturay For The Sinking Ship
I can't blame you knowing all this
This is your way of doing things
I've missed the chance to awake from the sleep
No Sanctuary For The Sinking Ship

The outstretched hand is at your response
It's up to you, all the pros and the cons
Dog into pig, pig into sheep
No Sanctuary For The Sinking Ship
Track Name: The Last Date
The last time they meet each other
The last time he'll see her face
The last time she'll touch his shoulder
A vision of dying embrace
The last late lasts for three hours
Two and a half of which is a common chit-chat
And the last half-an-hour is the most painful hour
Even if you've been through that

She says he'll always be a friend of hers
Exactly, he thinks, just another more
He wonders if she's already found someone
And how many times she'd been like this before
The sense of whole living has ceased to exist
He feels so empty, he can't say a word
He knew it would happen, he don't need this feast
He was begging inside him but she hasn't heard

And he's coming home
And his mouth is dry
And he would like to
But he cannot cry
And he's howling, howling, howling like a beast
He'd break all the walls
He would try at least
The pain inside hurts mercilessly
The source of it he cannot see
It is a grudge, a fucking curse
And with every minute it's getting worse

All things shall pass, he calms himself
And even this day he will lay on the shelf
It's over, over, over he shouts
There's nothing to do anymore but cry out
It makes us whole, it tears apart
It builds a wall, it breaks a heart
It's living, it's living, it's never been this pure
It is the whole world in three words - I love you

The very next day he's quiet
The life goes on, just turn the page
Another wound like many others
Just a bit different range
Track Name: The First Snow
As you left me here lying on a floor
Almost dead, bleeding forevermore
Where did I go wrong? Does it matter now?
Please stop this pain, fix me somehow

Don't leave me there, I'm fading away
You gotta go but I want you to stay
You got your reasons you never show
Now you had gone like the first snow

Cold and not moving, not breathing at all
Like in the movie I'm digging a hole
I need some time for me to learn who I am
But I'm afraid I'll never understand

There once was a moment but now it's lost
Looks I'm the one who's paying that cost
Please stay for a while, don't leave me alone
Don't disappear just like the first snow
Track Name: Poison In The Wells
There's poison in our wells
And cold stones are in our hearts
You know we got no way back
It is closed forever for us

Over the field of crosses wanders the wind
Black is horizon with forests, they deemed
Bare-branched raven sings of a life's waste
There's posion in our wells
But everyone knows this water's taste

The sun's lying down to sleep
The sun takes away the light
We got no more patience to wait
There is no us, we're empty inside

Over the field of crosses wanders the wind
Black is horizon with forests, they deemed
Bare-branched raven so lonely he sings
There's poison in our wells
But everyone still comes and drinks

I beg you don't betray me
I beg stop telling lies
Splash some water in my face
It's dark outside but inside grows darker the place

Please don't I kindly ask you
It's getting worse to us both
The exit is welcome from this personal little hell
Where each look's a razor shell
With poison in the well